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Get Free Odds Boosts 

Claim up to 100% Odds Boosts and Full Acca Insurance. Only when you spin the wheel

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Spin Wheel on a phone

Next Level Accas 

Bet on an acca with more than two legs, spin the wheel and you could boost your odds by up to 100%.

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Odds Boosts And Insurance Up For Grabs 

Spend your diamonds to take a spin on the wheel and a bonus will be yours. With odds boosts up to 100% and even full acca insurance, there's something here for everyone. Just make sure you keep some diamonds safe for it!

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How To Find The Spin Wheel 

Place an eligible bet and the option to spin the wheel will appear on the bet receipt page. The diamonds you'll need to spend will be displayed on the button and click it to spin.

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BetBull Spin Wheel on a phone

100% Odds Boosts And More 

All the available bonuses will be displayed on the spin wheel and it will only be seconds before you find out your bonus.

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Join the BetBull community to enjoy all these benefits

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