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Do you have the edge over your mates? Prove it.

Eric Cantona and some BetBull friends
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Follow The Leaders 

Are you ready to prove yourself and reach number one?

Leaderboards are the place to do that.

We have four leaderboards. Top Yielders, Top Winners, Top Influencers and Most Popular. Get more followers and be the most active to climb your way to the top.

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Big Returns 

Want the safest route to a return on your acca? Following Top Yielders is the way to go. This leaderboard ranks the best members of our community when it comes to return rate on bets.

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BetBull top winners on a phone

Regular Wins 

Tipsters who win on the regular call Top Winners home. Anyone on a hot streak will be climbing this table with speed and you can follow their journey.

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BetBull top influencers on a phone

Influential Tipsters 

Become a Top Influencer and prove that sharing is caring. Climb this table by sharing your bets with more users than anyone else.

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BetBull most popular on a phone

Popular Punters 

Are you the Most Popular? Prove it by climbing this leaderboard. Get more followers than anyone else and you will rank highest.

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BetBull leaderboard entry on a phone

How To Find Leaderboards 

Open the app, select Leaderboards from the bottom menu and away you go!

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Why BetBull? 

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