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Source of Funds Policy 

Source of funds policy

Why do you need to check the source of my funds?

This is a standard check carried out by all gambling operators to confirm the funds you have used are legitimate and that you can afford to gamble. As an operator that is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, we are obliged to make sure that the source of the funds each customer uses to play with us is legitimate. As a result, when certain thresholds are reached it may become necessary to ask you to provide evidence to confirm your source(s) of income.

What documents should I send?

Source of funds documentation must clearly demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to support your gambling activity on our platform. We deal with each case on an individual basis, but common documents which evidence your source of funds may include:

  • Bank statements showing salary or consistent incoming values from an identifiable source within the last 3 months;

  • Payslips/Director remuneration/Dividends;

  • Proof of ownership of stock, business, shares or investments such as dividend statements;

  • Dated letter from a solicitor confirming the will/inheritance;

  • Annual tax-return;

  • Dated letter from a solicitor confirming sale of assets (home/business);

  • Dated proof of winnings from other operators or other sources;

  • Rental contracts (confirming rental income);

  • Other clear evidence which can substantiate your betting activity on our platform.

Please note that we may require bank statements to accompany official documentation you supply which show your source of funds. This is to verify that you have been paid the value of the funds stated in the documentation into the bank account which you use to fund your BetBull account

How will you use this information?

All information provided will be treated with strict confidence in accordance with current Data Protection principles and our Privacy Policy. The information you provide will be used by us only, to establish that the money you use to play comes from legitimate sources, such that we can abide by our licensing requirements and legal obligations.

What happens if I don't provide my source of funds?

Unfortunately, if we do not receive evidence to support your gameplay, we will be unable to accept any further business from you and your account will be suspended until the requested documentation is received and verified.

For more information on verification checks please see our Terms and Conditions or contact our Customer Support Team.

**How do I send my documents to you? **

Please email your documents to verification@betbull.com with your account username in the subject line.